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Growing up in New Mexico exposed me to vast beauty, a rich blend of cultures and a world-class art scene that has helped shape my perspective.
I brought home a few of these Agave Attenuatas after visiting Santa Barbara. 10 years later, I now have a glorious hillside of them. Their structure, size and color are breathtaking..
I forever regret selling my 1965 powder blue Mustang that took me through many adventures in college. Something so strong in such a soft color is powerful in itself.
I marvel at the skill and design of potter Maria Martinez. Each handmade, polished smooth with a stone, and powerful black on black design. Her work from the 1930s is as edgy and bold today as it was back then..
Artist Robert Loughlin's iconic images of "The Brute" have heavy masculine qualities with an underlying vulnerability. Strength with softness. I am inspired by his ability to communicate so much through a single image.
The legacy of modern architecture and design in Palm Springs is nothing but remarkable. To see the works of architects such as Richard Neutra, Albert Frey and William Cody....interiors by Billy Haines and Arthur Elrod all in one place is inspirational.